Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sugar Lumps

My junior year of high school, once a week, almost every week, we spent a few hours of our school day in the community doing service work. Looking back, I'm starting to really realize how pretty kick ass it was that I went to a school that encouraged service work that much that they would take out a chunk of the school day weekly to allow us to do this. I did mine at a pre-school and was a teacher's helper.

The teacher of these kids was seriously the sweetest lady alive, and I was privileged to get to meet her and help her with these children. She was a plump (and I mean that in the kindest way), grandmother type that you just wanted to snuggle up next to and let her tell you stories. She loved the kids and the kids loved her. She would affectionately call them sugar lumps. You know, like Marry Poppins, spoon fulla sugar? I always thought it was the cutest nickname, and here I am years later calling my children my sugar lumps. It has somehow evolved into sugar rumps, or shuggie, or shuggie rumps, among other variations, but that's exactly what they are, my sugar lumps.

Each morning when Raigan awakes, she gathers her blanket, binkie (I know, Lord help us that she doesn't go to college still taking a pacifier), and her favorite Elmo and waits for one of us to scoop her up out of her crib. We bring her into our bedroom and more often than not recently, asks for a "pop pickle" before anything else.

A pop pickle being a Popsicle of course, and I usually oblige.

My little sugar lumps just love ice cream. 

 I enjoy reading Cincinnati Magazine, and this months cover was the most delectable Ice Cream cone. I made a list of their suggestions of the best place in the city to get Ice Cream and I'll be crossing some of the sites off next week because the editors just made all the frozen treats looks irresistible.

I'm sure these littles won't mind tagging along for the adventure either.

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