Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I feel really lucky and blessed when I walk down the hallway to see this:

Usually before we get ready to go to the grocery or where ever else, I find myself asking Riley to put her shoes on 85175987 times because she currently is so picky about what clothes and shoes she wears that I don't even bother to do it myself, because I know she will just go sit in her little closet and change them to her liking.

But it was refreshing to come upon her helping her little sister to get her socks and shoes on as appose to the alternative of the usual shoes battle.

I'm am so thankful that these little girls have one another to navigate through life together and to gang up on their parents when appropriate, hopefully no time soon, but I'll be waiting for it.

I love these little girls and I love that they love one another.

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