Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie wtih Mama

There are some moments in my life that I never want to forget, that's mostly why I take so many darn photographs, because they are a lot more permanent than my fleeting memory.

I have a memory of  my mother and I downtown Cincinnati  at Newberry's on sixth and race, an old drug store that is now a CVS. I must have been around Riley's age, but I remember it very vividly. We were there and my mom bought me a doll that I was desperate to have and it meant a lot to me. I remember the doll's clothes, the place that it was in the store, and the soft way my mother spoke to me.  Those are one of those few memories that will forever be stamped into my memory.

The crisp October night that I feel in love with my husband that I hope I never forget, and I remind myself not to.

There was also one particular night at my Dad's house after it had snowed and I remember soaking in the view of the city blanketed in snow from his porch . And the day I moved into my dorm my freshman year of college at the University of Cincinnati, each of these memories (with the exception of the drug store, obviously) I had made a mental note to myself, do not forget this moment.

Tonight I took Riley to see the movie Monte Carlo in theaters. It was well past her bedtime, we were running super later for the start of the movie and my gas light came on, but we went anyway. We rushed in got our tickets, a popcorn, and a Coke. We joined only three other people in the theater and as my little is munching on her popcorn, she looks up at me with her hazel green eyes and in her tiny little four year old voice says, "Thanks mom... for all of it." I can't speak for her but I took it as her saying, thanks for bringing me to see this movie I've been dying to see, thanks for the popcorn, thanks for letting me drink a pop, thanks for letting me stay up way past my bedtime, thanks for spending time with just me. My heart just melted, and I thought this is one of them, this one of those few memories that I will put in this part of my memory that I just cannot forget. I can't forget the smell of the popcorn, the chill of the movie theater air even if it's 90+ degrees out, the sound of the munching popcorn,  my little girls tiny little body in the folding theater seat next to me, the smile on her lips and the excitement on her face.

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