Monday, August 1, 2011

Beating the Heat

I was running on the treadmill this morning at the gym and the news came on. I normally don't watch the local news because it's so negative all the time. I read some news online to get the scoop sans the murders, shootings, and accidental deaths in the sketchy areas of town. The only reason I tuned into the news this particular time was because it followed the showcase showdown on the Price is Right. I just realized I'm nearly a paragraph in, and am no where near the point I'm trying to get at here. On the news, they spoke about how we are nearing a record for temperatures in the Tristate. It has been well into the 90s here for weeks, and has it been obvious. We have been spending off days at the pool, but hot mornings home inside. My girls love playing inside just as much as they love being outside.

They enjoy playing sleepy time on the couch with their favorite blankets, which I find funny, because when it comes to real sleepy time, it's the furthest from what they want to be doing.

Does anyone remember the Muppet Babies? This blanket was my husband's when he was a baby and we even have the naked baby photographic evidence of him laying on it, but I'll spare you. Riley loves it and carries it with her as she channels Liuns from Charlie Brown. When I picked them up from the childcare room at our gym today, they were also playing this sleepy time game; silly girls.

Raigan has been having a little attitude as of late about having her picture taken with her sister. I came out with 10 pictures of her not looking at the camera, a few of her making not so pleasant faces, and this one good one.

I'm really nervous to say that there are officially only 22 days left of summer, and I will be spending 10 of those days in Japan. I'm really nervous about my upcoming trip to Japan, as I've never been away from my kids for that long. I have never really been away from my husband for that long either since we have been married. Not to mention the whole, being on the other side of the world thing, but that's not at all comparable to the missing my girls part.

Riley will go back to preschool in a few weeks and I will start my last semester of my undergrad. A small part of me wishes that it goes by quickly, but another part of me wishes that I can take the time to thoroughly enjoy it, because being in college only happens once in a lifetime. But for some of us, it takes 6 years and 2 daughters later so we get to enjoy it a little longer. haha

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  1. such sweet pictures!!! They are always so precious together!


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