Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's Friday night and I survived my first week of the semester and Riley's first week back to preschool, but barely. On the eve of Riley's 4th day of preschool she spiked a temp and missed her 4th day, and the next day I spiked a temp and felt as though I was hit by a bus, but thought maybe our thermometer was broke because could it be true that the both of us are febrile? So I made my husband take his and Raigan's temperature, but theirs' was normal.

My friends are out on the town tonight and instead of me joining them and spending much needed time with my girlfriends, I'm sitting on the couch with my husband eating Fritos and going through old photos on my hard drives that I swear I will one day have organized. I did finally organize all the ones of 2010, so maybe by the time 2012 rolls around 2011s will be organized. They probably are annoyed that I didn't go out (that or I'm being desperately vein here), but I am just wiped out.

Going through all the photos I realized how much of our lives I leave out of this blog and that it's just a tiny glimps of some of the parts of our lives. A little part of me is saddened by this because I want to look back and remember all of it, but I guess I would need a reality show crew to do that and would probably need to apply mascara a bit more frequently.

Here are some of the pictures I had forgotten that were even taken.

(I think Riley and I look like twins, only in different sizes in this one.)

I have the baby crazies again and have the really strong urge to complete our family by having a third child, but unfortunately this is something Brandon and I have different opinions about. He pretty much has himself to blame though for me wanting to have more children with him because he's such a great, loving dad. I know our third would be no exception, plus him and I make pretty cute babies.

Looking through the photos I also thought, why do I always think that I don't take enough pictures? I have to be crazy, because there are so many! I plan to post way more photographs here that I take on a daily basis, even if they aren't cohesive or have words to match them. I'm just going to post the pictures because they describe our lives so much better than any collection of words I could string together. Add that to my, "I'm going to do better list" I'm working on.

I also thought that I should be reading and studying the interpretation of EKGs instead, but these pictures are way more fun, even though heart rhythms are super interesting to me, I need a bit of a mindless break sometimes. 

The whole photo recall thing actually began because I was searching for photos that my husband took the other day while I was giving our very messy little eater a bath in the sink. The empty half of the sink that is, because the other half contained rinsed, but dirty dishes (this is real life).We have given up on the bibs honestly, because they don't make bibs that cover your head of hair and your arms, legs, or wherever else this child manages to get her food. Someday she goes into the sink and some nights it's straight into the bathtub. I think there's something so cute and nostalgic about scrubbing your baby in the kitchen sink. It says," hey, you're still my tiny little tot that is small enough to fit in the kitchen sink and I'm going to enjoy scrubbing you until you're too big to fit." I love it. She loves it.

Tomorrow Riley will be cheering at one of the football games and I am 100% impressed with how she is doing. Not only the cheers and cheerleading related stuff, but how she pays attention the whole time, follows direction, and is respectful and energetic with her teammates. I know all mother's are bias, but I'm really proud of who these little tiny people are becoming.

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  1. Love the cute little pictures! And I CAN'T tell you thank you enough for reminding me about the rainbow. Such a true statement and it meant so much to me. So thank you again and for all the prayers. : )


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