Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday

So here is my attempt to post pictures even if they don't fit together. Here is just our life in photo forms. Last week my husband turned 26. We had a modest celebration for him, but it was an awesome one. I think it's so important to show our girls that life is to be celebrated and that we are pretty lucky ladies that this man was born.
Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday dear Daddy! Happy Birthday to you!

What kind of birthday would it have been without Birthday Bash ice cream?

And of course you're never too old for birthday candles. 

We never quite figured out what the contents of the ice cream was that made it a bash, and everyone kept asking what is the blue stuff? We cocked our heads to the side, shrugged our shoulders, and kept eating anyway. 

My little girl also had a football game last weekend, and after recovering for the most part from a weird fever virus, she cheered her little heart out. Doesn't she look like a teenager here?

She is getting so tall, and by this time next year I think we may just be the same height. 

It was very unique that I had the whole weekend off and it was much needed. I loved all the family time we got in and the relaxing atmosphere that having nothing to do and no where to be offers.

I need some tips and advice for getting two very independent little girls to look at the camera at the same time. It seems like regardless of my attempts, only one of them look into the lens at any given moment.

It is also a given that the moment the other looks away, the remaining child looks into the lens. Ugh.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. LOVE EM!! Great pictures! Im so glad that you got a weekend to spend with your family! : )

  2. Oh my gosh, those little cheerleaders are SOOOO cute!!! And that's QUITE the playdough collection you guys have going!

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!!


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