Thursday, August 25, 2011

New and Old Beginnings

My little girl started back at her last year of preschool this Monday. She already has caught her first virus and spiked a fever last night, missing her 4th day of preschool this morning. A nice welcome back, I'm glad she's included though.

I also started my last semester of college.

My little girl has also started her ballet career and I'm in love with her in a little tights and a leotard.Well I'm in love with her anyway, but she looks really cute. 

My little one who thinks she is the same age as her sister gets so upset when she doesn't get to do the same things. I for sure when cave and let her do it if their school would allow her to or the ballet class would take her, but you have to be two and she doesn't hit that milestone until December. December is going to be an awesome month, I can already feel it. She found the chalkboard at ballet though and it occupied her.

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