Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'd like to know....

I'd like to know who made this sweet little babe such a mean toddler?

I asked Hub today how someone so beautiful could be so mean....?

and he replied:

I don't know, you tell me.


This child is a miniature version of me, like on a scary level. 
To the T.
Could be my twin.

Riley has the strongest personality that is wayyy bigger than the tiny little 30 lbs body that she lives in.

She has never met a stranger either, and will walk up to anyone and start a converation.

I love my sweet little toddler even if she is as mean as ever.

(she is standing in the doorway as I type this demanding a fruit roll up in case you don't believe me on how mean she is)


  1. You should totally start recording her tantrums. Blackmail material for the future! Or maybe just America's Funniest Home Videos fodder.

  2. Oh my! Yes, I understand. It will probably continue, I hate to say. And then, wait til your girls start to fight....all the time! I always say, it's a good thing God made kids so darn cute!

  3. haha I should Samantha. Are you ready for your little baby boy to be mean to you too? haha

  4. My "sweet" little boy has a mean streak, too... The only way we can get him to behave is spending time with him alone- the second he's around his little brother he turns into a monster!


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