Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have mentioned many times before that I love to get packages in the mail. Not bill mail, real, fun, mail. Sometimes I feel like Mr. Rogers. Or was it Pewee Herman? Either way, I get so excited to see a package on my stoop!

This is what I've gotten in the mail recently:

My little mommy of two girls heart MELTED away when I saw these! They are seriously the cutest things and perfect for when we go apple picking this fall! Which is something I better start planning now because at the rate things are going now, my girls are going to be in college when I wake up tomorrow.

And these?! These may just be cuter than the apple ones! I hope my girls let me buy them hair bows until they are old and married. Ok. Okay, at least till they are in high school... at least!

These? These are the tiniest little white cheerleading shoes ever made. Ok, maybe not ever made, but they are the smallest size they made at the company I ordered them from! I'm so excited for cheerleading competition in a few weeks!


  1. After two boys, I just had my first girl and I am going crazy with bows and butterflies and pink. My poor daughter!

  2. I love those hair barrettes! Absolutely adorable...the little ghosties and the apples! You gotta take a photo to post when you put them in their hair!


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