Sunday, July 25, 2010


Hub and I have been trying to be better with our money and my first trip to the store with a strict budget in mind didn't go so well... I was halfway through the aisles and realized oh no, this is probably already over my budget. In the past going to the store, I have always been a little conscious about what I was buying. I always used coupons, bought the sale items, and only bought a few of those "I don't need this at all" items. I have never brought a calculator or have worried about not having enough money. I'll bring a calculator next time. I brought $80 tonight to go to the store for this week, I brought cash so that it would be easier to stick to. When I went up to the register I honestly had no idea how much it was going to cost. I went over $33.44 and ended up using my bank card for the rest. I'm such a cheater. haha What I should be doing is meal planning, I think it would save us a lot on time, money, and wasted food. Guess that will be a thing to tackle for next Sunday.

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