Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Week or More Later....

Oh brother. It's been awhile, and sadly enough, I really really missed blogging! It's like therapy and time to sit down and really process what has happened over the week, day, whatever. Since last week or two weeks ago, or whenever it was, I have worked a 50 hour week, threw my sister in law's bridal shower, and have been trying to catch my breath, and breathe in every bit of my sweet little girls that I have missed with life being so crazy. Even though Riley has been testing me more than she ever has in my her sweet short little three year old life! If anyone has any Bible verses on the Fruit of the Spirits (especially patience!) I could really use them right now, or any advice really on how to be patient with a toddler haha.

 But when times get tough, I just look at this picture of my girls and it cracks me up! Look at the mean little face on such a cute little girl! haha I love it!

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