Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Riley: T Ball Player, Gymnist, Swimmer, and Cheerleader

My little sweet first born is named Riley.
She is 3 years old.
I know all mothers are bias, but I really do think my child is gifted. She started talking at 8 months old, and not just mama (she said mom distinctly at 4 months), dada, etc. She would say mom, dad, hello, bye, nana (banana), bob (not too sure where this one came from), and other random words.. I had a list somewhere at one point, but who knows where it is now. Before she was two she could count to 10 in English and in Spanish (with much help from Dora the Explorer) and knew almost all of her ABCs. Here's proof. Don't mind the end of the video when my husband gets her to say what up g. haha

She now can say words such as myocardial infarction and says things like: "Mom, I should have eaten more fiber," when she has diarrhea. Cracks me up still.

She has always acted older than she is, is the point I'm trying to get at here.

Because of her maturity I like to have her involved in a lot of activities. To keep her engaged, around other kids, and to teach her life lessons. She played on a T Ball team(her closing day was Saturday), takes gymnastics, swim lessons, and cheer leading. Gosh, that seems like a ton written out! But really it is only 4 hours out of her week, and now with T Ball being over, it's 2. All other time is free time to play. Well except play dates, or when I make her to workbook pages in her math and ABC book...

Ok, the more I get into this it makes me seem like an overbearing parent. haha but I never make her do any of these things when she asks not to, which is rare, she loves her activities most days. There are days though, when she asks not to go, and I respect her choice, because a 3 year old should not be forced into doing anything (except eating veggies and taking a nap haha). It is all recreational so she does not have an obligation and there is no penalty if we do not go on a given day. I feel as though I'm trying to sell this to someone. Maybe I am, because it has been really great for my Riley. She has learn to cooperate with other kids, wait her turn, learn new skills, is comfortable with being in the water, and it's a little easier for me too when there's a break in the day of being at home.

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  1. That is a great video! She is very intelligent! That's great with all of her activities, I'm sure she needs it as well as enjoys it!


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