Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mamarazzi Monday

Mamarazzi Monday It's time for Mamarazzi Monday with Household 6 Diva.I missed last week, so I have to make it up this week! I have been keeping my camera busy. This is what I have come up with.

The many faces of Raigan:

 It has been rather hot here in Kentucky.

So to get a picture of the girl's outside both together is a challenge to say the least.

 Riley just wanted to jump on the trampoline and not get her picture taken.

 I pleaded for just a few more!

And I'm glad I did, because I got this beautiful shot of sisterly love!

And then I let Ry jump!


  1. Oh your girls are so beautiful!! I love the details in the last picture of the two of them... pudgy finger dimples... big sister's eyelashes... blades of grass and baby toes... So Sweet!!

    (I'm sure they're tough to tame for you Mama - but I am in LOVE with Riley's curls!)

  2. your girls are adorable! she looks like she is having a blast on the trampoline! I also love the 3 picture of the baby its so precious!

  3. Awesome! Those pigtails are to die for. :) I had to chop my girl's hair back b/c it will.not.stay in ANYTHING. Drives me nuts!

  4. Oh my! Your girls are so cute! I love the little bow on Raigan. And those curly pigtails on Riley-- adorable. :)

  5. Love the matching outfits! adorable!! I love the look on your daughter Riley's really don't wanna! so cute!

  6. The matching outfits are just too cute!!


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