Friday, July 2, 2010

Five Question Friday

1. What is one thing you miss the most about your childhood?
Sleep. I don't get much of it as a mommy to two young babies. Nap times, sleeping in, all of it.

2. Are you still friends with your friends from high school?
Heck yes. Most of my friends are from high school. We have grown up together, and it's kind of nuts how far we've come, and how close we've stayed together.
3. Is there a catch phrase, cliche, or word that just drives you bonkers every time you hear it?
Not myself, but I sometimes use the phrase "Actin' a food" and it drives my husband nuts haha
4. What is one thing that you think symbolizes America... besides "Old Glory"?
Like Mama M... Chicken fried, cold beer on a friday night, and a pair of jeans that fit just right. And children. Children playing. 
5. What are your 4th of July weekend plans?
I too have to work. But you better believe I'm going to be eating cookout foods like it's my job, cause I love! baked beans, deviled eggs, potato salad, watermelon, (I could go on and on forever) when I get off.

1 comment:

  1. You're lucky you are still friends with your high school friends. I don't have one friend from my high school days. I don't live in the same area that I went to school. I'm sure if I did, I would definately have at least ONE old friend! I have tried to look up a few people on Facebook, but have been unsucessful. Oh well! Like I say, you are lucky! My husband is still friends with a few people from high school, but then again, we live in the same area that he graduated. He sees people from his high school days when we are out and about.


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