Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy 7th Month Birthday Raiggie!

Since Raiggie is an old lady now she spends her days saying da da over and over and over and only mum mum like a little Brit when she's mad. She now has 2 bottom teeth and likes to bite and drool on everything in sight. She sits up on her own, reaches out (which is my favorite new skill of her's-because I love that she wants me), and tries her darnedest to crawl but can't quite get her belly off the ground yet. She is constantly laughing at her big sister and is the most laid back baby, possibly the most laid back person, I have ever met in my life. She is so go with the flow, although she does give me, "Mom, what are we doing?" looks from time to time. As long as she is fed she doesn't mind being carried around on my hip or in our Mya Wrap or really anything- she is just along for the ride. She is already independent and tries to feed herself by grabbing the spoon... probably because we aren't feeding her fast enough haha.

 She enjoys eating cheerios and frozen blueberries with her pincer grasp and can pass objects from one hand to the next. Eating is her fav past time and she does well at it, as she is in the 90th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference. She raises her arms and giggles (my favorite sound in the world) when you ask her how big the baby is. The past 7 months have blown by! It just seems like yesterday I was threatening my midwife to get you out of my stomach or else I would need a psych consult! haha I love you baby girl!

I am one blessed Mama!

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