Monday, November 8, 2010


As a mommy you take on many roles. Teacher is a big one. I love teaching Riley because she has such a desire and drive to learn, and I know I'm bias, but she is so darn smart! I cannot take all the teaching credit though. Riley does go to a Catholic preschool a few days a week where they learn, and I just try to reinforce what they learn while we are at home.

A few months ago I went down to the teacher supply store in our area and bought some preschool work books for my little monkey. She doesn't see them as being workbooks, but as a fun activity to do. 

Not only do these workbooks teach her how to write her letters, upper and lowercase, but they also teach her to identify words that begin with the sounds that the letters make. 

And! as if that wasn't enough, it teaches her delayed gratification, which I think is hard to teach in our society sometimes. Riley has to work hard and for each page she completes she gets a sticker on her path. 

The path to the all coveted BIG BLUE RIBBON sticker! She's almost there!


  1. How smart!! Her Us look great! Colby had the hardest time with Us and Vs he was always mixing them up.

  2. the delayed gratification is really a smart idea. that is really hard to teach kids!


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