Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lost & Found

I know this blog is about my girls because I mean after all it is called my girls, but there are a few things about myself.

I am notorious for procrastination when it comes to writing papers. I hate writing papers. I would rather take 20 tests before I would choose writing a paper. My point here is that I'm supposed to be writing a paper right now. That's why I started this blog in the first place, don'tcha know?

So instead of writing this paper, these papers, since I have more than one, I will fill you in on my discovery.

Another thing about myself: I also lose everything. EVERYTHING. Unless it's big yellow and blinking DON'T LOSE ME!!!! in bright lights I lose it. Even then, there is a potential for me losing it.

I have about a million SD cards (and i can still never find one, and when I can it's not empty). I even have one of my brother's (that I'm still trying to find ha!) that I need to return to him. This particular SD was lost, but now it's been found! And I didn't even remember taking some of these photos! It's like finding a lost treasure!

Are you ready for this randomness?

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