Tuesday, November 9, 2010

As Promised

Here are the photographs that I submitted that got me an A in my photography class! I thought photography would be a super easy class and that As wouldn't be hard to come by, but apparently those were misconceptions. Photography majors at the University I go to are pretty competitive and they have to wait till the end of their program almost to even take Basic Photography. So my fun class turned out to be a working fun class. I love it regardless, but I worked my butt off for this A, and submitted almost 400 files. Out of those 400 files here are the ones I made prints of to submit. The screen doesn't do these photos justice if I do say so myself. It's a black and white class too, so even though I am in love with color they had to be black and white.

We had to take a portrait of an individual 18 years or older. This is my dear friend, Candice.

We also had to do a self portrait, which was really hard for me. I never realized how self conscious I was to be in photographs and how intimate it ended up being with my standard 50mm lens. But here are the two photographs that I choose to make prints of:

I'm very pleased with the way they turned out.


  1. wow! you did an awesome job! I love the first photo and the last photo of Candice. I also love your close up of yourself. You must have learned a lot in this class. I pretty much know nothing about photography. I have always wanted to take a class.


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