Monday, November 8, 2010

An Update.

I am excited about Thanksgiving.

We need to have the lock changed on our front door because my key no longer works. In other words don't try rob our house anytime soon because I can't even break in.

I FINALLY got an A in my photography class with my project 2, that I will post the final pictures I submitted tomorrow on my blog!

I love driving my husbands truck, not because it's big and orange, but because it has his scent ingrained into it.

My sister in law's baby shower is in two weeks and I may be more excited about it than anyone. I even made my first diaper cake the other day!

I have been getting the baby crazies, but only for a minute, then realize how horrible that last month with Raigan was. haha

Today in my Community Health Nursing class we debated about vaccinations. We had to use reputable resources to back up our points, and it's pretty obvious that in most cases the benefits of vaccinating on schedule outweigh the risks of not. There are some cases that medically speaking (not opinion) that one should not be vaccinated, but that's where heard immunity comes into play. I also thought it was totally interesting that our teacher said that from the papers we submit each week she can almost expect our response to things and is able to tell our political stance.

I lost a blog follower after I wrote that I was an Obama supporter and can't help to think that me admitting that was the reason for them to unsubscribe from my blog.

Speaking of Obama, I think this site is pretty cool (excuse the vulgar language in the title please.)

Here are pictures of my gorgeous babies:

The end.

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  1. Ouchey! I can't believe you lost a blog follower because you support Obama. That makes me feel sad. I have friends and family all over the board when it comes to politics. You just keep being who you are and move on...but seriously, that would really make me wonder if it was that or something else? maybe it was just a coincidence. strange though huh?


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