Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Election Day!

Teaching my children is so important to me. I loved that I got to teach Riley the importance of voting. When we went into the polls I explained to her that you had to be 18 to vote. She kept asking if she could pretend to vote, and I told her sure! Then when we walked into the gym of our local elementary school (our voting place) they had this set up! For children to be able to vote! They had pictures of the candidates  and their names, and then two political issues related to children that they could vote on as well. Riley loved it, and I loved it for her. Her and I voted together (and Raigan slept), even if only mine counted.

We both got to sport these really cool stickers too all day!

I don't especially enjoy talking politics with other people, but I do like reading and educating myself on topics. You see, I'm a little hard headed and think my opinions are the right ones, so I don't like listening to others haha so I just read about them, that way I can close them at my discretion. It works for me.

Since this is my blog though, I'll say just a few things. I didn't vote for one party but one would think I would just vote democrat since I'm the only person left in American that supports Barack Obama. But in fact I voted for for a few from each party.I hope you were able to vote. It's something really special that we have that opportunity.

I love being an American! Happy Election Day!

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