Sunday, November 28, 2010


You may have heard these yummy little green things be referred to as soy beans. They have a Nu Val score of 91!There is even a website dedicated entirely to them: They are packed with nutrients and minerals that you can read about on that site, or here. I bought these from Trader Joe's. They are really fun for kids too, because they have to open up the pod to get the soybeans out! Riley loved the novelty of it all.

They are super easy too for Moms. All you have to do is thaw them (if frozen) and serve. I love that kind of food!

That green blob is a soy bean. Raigan didn't know what to make of them first, but she continued with mmMMmmms so I'm assuming she enjoyed them too, since she ate all of her's.

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  1. You know, I have never ate soy beans. I have a feeling my youngest would probably really enjoy opening the pods to get the beans out. I need to buy some of these...oh ya, I still have to buy some star fruit! Stop being such a healthy good influence on me, would ya? You know I'm all about baked goods on my blog! Just kidding...I need some good influences...and actually I am really into healthy foods as well...but lately....too many comfort foods and baking going on at this house! Well, at least we don't eat any fast food or prepackage boxed or frozen stuff...pretty much everything I make is from scratch...i don't want all those chemicals in my food!


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