Friday, November 19, 2010

Star Fruit aka Carambola

Star fruit is new to our house. 
I have been seeing it at the grocery, and decided last night to give it a try. 
You don't peel it, just wash it with cold water, slice it, and enjoy.

Reading more about it in my free time (ha!) turns out it's a great choice too! 
It's a tropical fruit that is rich in Vitamin C, A, fiber, and potassium.

It has a Nu Val score of 100!
(let me just say, I thought an idea just like Nu Val a few years ago, and then these nutritionist and doctors come up with the same thought! Great minds must think alike)

Riley gave it a thumbs up!

Although Raigan's face looks like she could have taken it or left it, she did eat a lot, so I'm assuming that she enjoyed it too!

It's so fun for kids because it's in the shape of a star!


  1. Looks like a fun fruit. I have seen it in the store but just haven't found the courage to try it yet. Now maybe I will.

  2. You know, I've had this fruit maybe twice and it's been a looooong time ago! I should pick one up at the grocery store the next time I go. I know my kids haven't tried it yet, and who knows, they could be really missing out on something they love!

  3. I have never seen the star fruit... did you get it in a regular store? That's awesome that it has vitamin C, A, fiber and potassium. Now I am going to have to go out looking for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Anne @

  4. Yep, just at our local grocery, they started carrying them just about a month ago though. I forgot to say too that they have the texture of an apple and kind of taste like a plum!

  5. Hi Meg! Yes, the Goodbyns are wonderful. If you join their facebook site, there have been some wonderful deals recently, such as $8 off. And they are making some new products--one I think might be a smaller, preschool version for kids who are only away for a few hours. These ones are very large--if I stuffed it full it would feed our 13 year old for the day! You might even be able to find them at a store near you--since we're Canadian, I had to have them shipped.

  6. Our house likes apples and plums so I think we will give this a try. Thanks for the tip!!


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