Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mom! I want to comb my own hair!

Those blue eyes just make my heart melt! I'm just so in love! Sometimes I even just spend time smelling my sweet baby, which may sound weird, but when you're a mommy you understand!


  1. ah yes, I understand smelling the baby thing! The thing I enjoyed smelling the most was their hands because they always smelled like cookies! I don't know, I must have fed my toddlers a steady diet of cookies or something, but their little tiny hands always smelled like cereal, cookies, pancake syrup, vanilla wafers, milk...something like that. Of course smelling the head, the back of their neck, their chest right under their chins...now that's a good spot too! This is just making me smile so much...I just called over my 9 year old son...he's getting ready for school right now and just had jelly toast...I asked him if I could smell his hand and...I did...and nooooo, it doesn't smell like cookies at all, it just smells clean...darn it!!! I was visiting my best friend last week and her son is 2. I always give him lots of hugs and kisses and I smelled his hand...and guess what? It smelled like cookies! It was awesome!
    P.S. Love Raigan's hairdo!


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