Saturday, November 20, 2010

When it rains it pours!

No one ever tells you growing up how expensive being an adult really is.

And then when you have children?

Yeah, you anticipate the diapers, wipes, clothes but what about all the insurance and unexpected costs?

I mean it's well worth it for sure, but I would have appreciated a little heads up.

Even when I moved out I thought I had thought out every cost that I would ever encounter, and then there was more. I knew there would be unexpected when buying a house, but jeeze.

Yesterday, all before I had to be at work there was a plumber here to fix a leaking into the wall toilet and we were all huddled around the space heater since our furnace would only come on when it wanted to. The service people for that made it out today, apparently there's a computer like thing that directs the thermostat and that needed to be replaced. You know you spend a lot of money on these services when you are on a first name basis with the repair guys and when they leave your hope you say, "Hope I don't see you for awhile!"

Then our house phone stopped working. Granted, it was Brandon's phone from when he was in college, but still! All on the same day!

My screen on my phone also shattered (even though that happened Wednesday) after dropping in in the gravel parking lot at school, it doesn't negate how frustrating everything can get! And of course, that's the one thing in my life it feels like that i do not pay monthly to insure.  Almost $200 to replace.

I would like to say though, that I am very thankful that I have a house to break, because there are many that do not.

I am grateful for my husband and how hard he works for us.

I am thankful for my crazy wild healthy children and that they slept in till 10am!! today.

I am forever thankful that my stressors are wonderful ones to have. I am very blessed.

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  1. oh yes, i understand...sometimes life just keeps throwing things at you. For me, it always seems like every time we get a little extra money, the car needs repaired or my husband's glasses broke in two or something like that!


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