Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blueberry Kit Kats

I love mail. I find myself singing the blues clues mail song every time I get a package. I'm cool like that. At first when Hub told me I had a package I thought it was going to be the chocolates I had ordered from one of the kids in our neighborhood for a fundraiser, literally months ago, that I had given up on. 

It wasn't.

I have officially given up on those... 
It has been so long that I really can't even remembered what I ordered. haha

My older brother (only by 17 months) is currently teaching English in Japan through the JET Program. He has been there for going on 2 years now, which seems like forever! This Christmas he wouldn't be flying home which may be the first Christmas in 24 years that I haven't spent with him. He did send my little family a gift though, which is super cool.

I'm hoping that Brandon and I will be able to go this next spring or summer if we can come up with the funds and visit him, but let me tell you, flying across the world isn't cheap.

Blueberry Kit Kats, why didn't Americans think of this sooner?

Riley thought the baby on the back of the package was really cute!

I thought they were really good and so did the girls.
And no, I'm not sure why there is a dollar bill on our kitchen floor, but such is life around here.

Thanks Uncle Chuck!

We'll miss you at Christmastime! (and all other times too!)


  1. I am going to have to look for those next time I run to the Asian store, yum!

  2. The money just laying on the floor is cracking me up. Also, I totally love foreign candies! It's so interesting the different flavors and junk that they have in different parts of the world. My absolute fave weirdo food like that is green tea ice cream. It's sooo weird and yummy.


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