Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Keepin It Real

This is what our house currently looks like.

It's out of control.

The 4 of us have been home long enough for baths and a bedtime story today.

We are smooshed for time and I'm wondering if our house will be clean again and not look like a combination of a toy factory and our laundry room exploding.

Maybe I'll tackle all this tomorrow after work... or maybe I'll just come home and take a nap, I like the later.


  1. I finally talked the kids into moving their toys to their rooms. Now there rooms are MESSY! lol

  2. Ya know, it's messy and all but it also looks super fun!

  3. you are totally keeping it real!! I love it!! eh, least it's only temporary.....now my kitchen sink last week! WOA-BABY!! that was REAL! hahaha:D LOVE your page!
    thanks for the follow on blogfrog!!
    jill from www.strawberryfreckles.com

  4. Yay, I'm not alone!! My house looks like that too!


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