Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday night

I am on autopilot.It's almost 11pm and I'm just now stopping for the day.

The last week of the semester is always brutal, and I always talk about it sounding pretty good to drop out.

I always somehow make it through.

Nursing school is for sure one of the hardest ventures I've experienced in my life, right up there with breastfeeding. Usually things in my life I try to downplay and act like they are not that much work even when they are, and why I do this I'm not sure. Nursing school is one thing that I do not downplay. Some may even think that I tend to exaggerate how difficult it is. But truthfully, it really is that hard. Totally doable, but really hard. I think the only people that truly understand are the ones that have been through a four year program, and the ones that are in it now with me. I'm one day closer to graduation and being having a BSN and I will try to spare everyone of my complaints from this point on. Hopefully. 

The number one thing I'm taking away from this semester of Community Health Nursing, and Nursing Research is for sure persistence. And one more thing... learning not to want to scream at others when doing group work even when they deserve it.

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