Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm done. I'm done. I'm done.

I finished the last exam of the semester yesterday, and I must say I'm extremely proud of myself! Honestly I went into this semester terrified because it was all about writing. I don't consider myself a writer and the thought of being told what to write and putting rules around it makes me break out into hives.

I'm a test taker. I love tests. You can wing a test if need be. You can't wing a 10 page research paper on medical marijuana, believe me, I know.

I only got to take one test this semester. The Pharm Hesi. I kicked butt on it though!

I wrote a lot, I mean a lot! of papers this semester. So many that I never thought I could even write, but I made it through. I don't find out my final grades till next week. If I get straight As, I told myself I was going to reward myself with a pair of shoes, I love shoes. Is it horrible that I care the tiniest bit more about the shoes than the grades?

We'll see how I do!

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