Sunday, December 12, 2010


I used to hate change, perhaps it was because it was too familiar to me when I was an adolescent.

I think our family is about to enter into a new season though, and instead of cringe at the thought of change, I plan to embrace it.

A few months ago I read a quote somewhere- where, I wouldn't know because I don't consider myself a reader, but I suppose I am, just like I hate writing, but I have a blog, but I digress. So I read this quote somewhere that said...

It's not what happens to you in life, it's how you deal with it 

How true. It's about perspective.

Things always change being in nursing school though. With the end of a semester (which hasn't fully ended... I have a final Tuesday) and the start of another it always brings about change. Change in schedules, classes, the number of breakdowns I have, clinical locations, the knowledge I have, not much remains the same.  How wonderful though. To gain knowledge and be one day closer to graduation and a career that allows me to help others. I'm pretty excited about becoming a nurse, even though a large part of me already feels as though I already am.

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