Friday, December 31, 2010

Sharing Is Caring

First of all... Raigan is so close to walking. She stands by herself very well and can pull up and sit down. Just look at my little baby doing big girl things! And this post may just not make any sense because I had to work all morning, day, and evening and am on autopilot.

When the Hub and I were shopping for Christmas for our girls I first thought, and said many times during the season, "We are going to need to buy two of everything!"

I didn't want to get them too many toys since all our house needs is a neon sign and cute cuddly marketing character to open as a toy shop. So we limited the number of toys.

We bought the girls a few small toys and then one larger joint toy. Their gifts from "Santa" were mostly clothes, pjs, and other practical things the girls needed anyway. We only bought one large joint toy because frankly it would be crazy to spend the money on two large dollhouses and even crazier to never teach our girls that they need to learn to share. What was I thinking two of everything?!

Sometimes I think our culture and society influences me much more than I'd like to believe. What would honestly make me think that I should buy two of everything to avoid this necessary conflict and opportunity for cooperation and delayed gratification. These things can be beautiful! I mean just look at how beautiful my girls make sharing look (I later found out):

Something I almost missed out on. I would be doing my girls an injustice if I were to lead them to believe that they weren't going to have to share, consider others' feelings, and always get everything they wanted instantly.

I think it straightens their bond as sisters, teaches them social skills and empathy to just have one doll house.
Some may think I'm reading way too much into a doll house, but I feel like a lot bigger of a picture and it's just one of them many rolls I take on as a mother to look at that bigger picture.

I never in a million years thought that buying toys would be so involved and that a parent needs to focus on how it impacts your children developmentally. Shhhesh being a parent is a loaded job.

I am so just in love with these girls and the way they interact and love one another and Raigan's face in the next picture too! haha

We let them play even well into their bedtime because they were playing so sweetly together...

Until Riley melted down, expressed that sharing was no longer a skill she wanted to practice and then flung herself on the floor. Which was still a beautiful thing. I'm sure glad I only bought one. Maybe they can share a car later in life too... and maybe college tuition... haha one can dream.


  1. GREAT post! I think its very smart to only buy one. A friend of mine bought both her kids the same DS game. I said why not buy two diffrent ones and they can switch around. She replied oh no they would fight and not want to share. WHAT?? TEACH THEM TO SHARE!! So kudos for teaching them to share.

  2. I totally agree with you on this post (btw the girls piccies are beautiful) there is 3 1/2 age gap between my boys and they have to share a bedroom, all the older ones toys get played with by the younger one and visa versa. I love the way big bro teachs little man how to work something properly and gives little man much more insight as to how to play with things. All the while this reinforces big bro social skills and reinforces his self confidence. I have to admit I have doubled up on a couple of small things like a Woody bath toy I knew they would fight over and they have been having great fun in the bath trying to out do each others Woody. I also keep the more complicated things the Big bro has out of little mans way as I don't want him to break them. They still manage to find things to argue over though.


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