Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolutions!

Oh brother if I write resolutions on my blog that means I'm even more obligated to fulfill them right?

I just really love the idea of a new year. I mean I know people can "change" things any time of the year, but something about January 1st makes it seem that much easier. As if you are given a clean plate to start out with and the past isn't take into account. The things one can do in the following year are endless and things change so quickly! Embrace the change and love every second of this life that we are given. It's a breath of fresh air the kind where you can breathe it in so deep and feel totally refreshed.

In 2011 I hope to (start with the most cliche of all...) loose 10 lbs of the baby weight I was supposed to loose this past year.

Be kinder to my husband! Why is it sometimes the one that stands by us through everything and supports us the most we are the meanest to? Not in 2011!

I hope to say "yes" to my girls more and no much less.
"Mom can we skip dinner and just eat ice cream?" Yes!
"Will you play Barbies with me?" Yes!
"Can we go to the park?" Yes!

I am set and determined to make it to church all 52 Sundays this year! I hope to grow closer to God and be more spiritual.

Volunteer more.

Graduate from college!

Enjoy the "bad" things in life and see them for the good opportunities they are!

Still get our passports (one of my resolutions from last year).

Be a little more selfish and find more time for myself, something I need.

What about you dear readers? What do you hope to achieve in the year 2011? The possibilities are endless.

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