Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Picture Says a Thousand Words


I'm desperately in love with this photograph.

I think Brandon captured this or maybe my mother in law, I'm not sure, after all I was giving birth. In love with it mostly because it precursors the year that we have had the pleasure of experiencing with our second daughter, Raigan Faith. 

This picture encompasses Raigan's personality. 

When other babies are born into the world they are kicking and screaming, not this one. She is as chill and mellow as she is to this day. Happy and content just to be in this world. What a beautiful baby even covered in vernix and a big swollen nose from slip sliding out of the birth canal in half of a push. 

She is still a beautiful relaxed, go with the flow, highlight to my life as she turns 1 year old this Thursday!

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