Monday, December 13, 2010

Our weekend recap

You know you're getting old when it takes you quite a while to remember the events of a few days ago... just saying.

Friday the girls and I spent the morning together and played and ate lots of oatmeal. I went to the bookstore off campus and sold the majority of my books back, but reluctantly kept my APA manual... I could go the rest of my life without having to write another paper in a APA format. I like the "get to the point" position of it, but could do without all the inconsistencies.

I then worked till late.

Saturday morning I had to work early again, but one of our pharmacist dressed as Santa so it was a fun day. Brandon brought the girls up and Riley asked him where his sleigh was, which made me laugh.

They got their picture with him it was cute.

Saturday night a battle was waged  between my toddler and I. She wanted to wear something that I disagreed with and it really wasn't a big deal, but I felt it was important to stand my ground with her. Looking back now after the argument that escalated from it, hub and I decided that it was one of those things that should have been just let go. It feels to me as though that line is way too fine. I mean yes, everyone says, "you have to choose your battles" but what's the criteria? Which ones are the ones that you choose and which ones do you let go?

The battle ended in my favor, I stood my ground, but don't think it benefited her at all, which I felt guilty about because that's the whole point to teach her structure and discipline.

We then went to Brandon's little brother's birthday party. It was a little crazy for me, since Brandon and I started dating when he was a little baby, and now he's 9. I keep thinking I'm getting old. Riley and Raigan had a lot of fun with all the kids, and Raigan nearly ate my whole piece of cake. She is now signing "more" and "all gone" but "more" more often than the other. haha

I was finally off on a Sunday, today. I have insomnia sometimes, and a really hard time falling asleep. Brandon is so good to me and let me sleep in today to make up for it. I slept till 11am! I can't even remember the last time I did that. It was wonderful. We lounged around, went to Brandon's grandparents for lunch, and fought through the blizzard downtown to see the Duke Energy Train Display.

I did not take one picture though. Not at the party or all weekend. I have no idea what I was thinking leaving my camera behind, but it is what it is. Brandon did capture a few downtown today with his cell phone I will have to share tomorrow. But until then, goodnight!

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