Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm so excited!

I love party supplies. I've had said it many times before over and over. 
It's this really weird hobby of mine, I enjoy it. At times I think I was supposed to be a party planner, but that just goes on the long list of occupations I should have chosen had I'd known how hard nursing school was going to be. I'm still wondering why no one warned me about that... Anyway.

I'm really excited about Raigan's 1st Birthday theme too!

Look Whoo's Turning 1! An owl theme.  

Here are her invites I sent out today:

I'm not sure why I'm a little more excited about these party invitations than I am about it being Christmas week. I guess it just hasn't quite hit me yet. 

These may have been the first photographs I've taken since I got my Basic Photography grade of a B+. 
I'm a little resentful I guess and he(my teacher) has dimmed my spark for picture taking, hopefully temporarily.

I ordered her cake and cupcakes today too that I'm really excited about. I keep telling my husband that someone needs to stop me, but he keeps encouraging it since it's our last baby and she will only have one 1st birthday. Our house may soon be filled with pink owl stuff... It's fun none the less.
Happy Monday!

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